A set of three bottles of our plastic-free washing up liquid.


The bottle is both biodegradable and fully sustainable, it is made from recycled newspapers and plants. It'll break down in both landfill and the ocean, so you can rest easy knowing that doing the washing up isn’t damaging the planet.


Our washing up liquid is kind to your skin, it is pH neutral and doesn't harm aquatic life in anyway. However, this doesn't affect our soaps efficiency when it comes to degreasing and cleaning your tableware and utensils.


Pumps make dispensing your detergent far easier. You may already have a pump on one of your household products at home. If not, add a pump to your order and swap it to your next bottle when you run out!


Alkaline Free and Vegan-friendly. Not to mention the added skin protector, taking care of you while you take care of the dishes.


*Please note, we don't currently offer shipping outwith the UK

3x Bottles of Biodegradable Washing Up Liquid

Do you need a reusable pump?


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