100% Pure Cotton Tote Bag

Our branded Tote Bags are 100% cotton which means they contain ZERO polyester or plastics. 


Much like our bottles, our Tote's are designed with the environment in mind. So unlike a conventional Tote Bag, you can wash this without the risk of Microplastics making their way into our waterways and oceans.. 


*Synthetic textiles like Polyester account for 35% of the oceans Microplastics (the stuff we can't see). These microplastics are subsequently ingested by sea-life and easily make their way into the food chain. Evidence shows micro-plastics are in our rainwater, and even worse... ourselves. Be part of the solution, not the pollution.


Dimensions are: 46cm x 36cm x 32cm

100% Pure Cotton Tote Bag

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