CHOOSE, as a packaging development company was set up to replace as many plastic bottles as possible. Our bottles are versatile and we are always looking to push the bottle to its limit. That is why we are launching a wide range of products across several different industries.

To have the biggest impact possible, we are looking to expand our range and are excited to work alongside different brands and companies. If you are looking to move away from traditional PET bottles or even glass and would like to undertake a feasibility study for the viability of CHOOSE as your packaging alternative then don't hesitate to get in touch.  



To ensure our natural packaging doesn’t impact the quality of your product, we test every product to rigorous standards and work with your technical teams to ensure we are both happy with the combination.



Our in-house engineers and designers will work with your team to bring your packaging to life. We will design 3D printed moulds to create your packaging. Once you are happy with the design, we will craft your production mould.



The prototype of your packaging will be delivered to you for your own testing and market research. We will work with your commercial team to set up pilot schemes that create strong PR, impact and kick-off product sales.



Our team can help set up your own facility to enable you to produce bottles by yourself. Our machinery can be leased or purchased, we work with your technical and production teams to ensure your bottles are compatible with any existing bottling lines you may have.


Does your packaging only hold liquid?

Although it was originally designed to hold water, our technology has use across multiple industries. From pharmaceutical & cosmetic, to home care/cleaning products. Get in touch through to enquire about a feasibility study for your product today!

Do you only offer 465ml?

For our own products yes. However we can produce from 30ml up to 1L in various shapes and sizes subject to requirements.

Do you offer Wholesale/White labels?

Not quite. Our lining solution is not 'one-size-fits-all' per se... and must be adapted to suit each new product. Hence why we must carry out feasibility studies for anything we package.


This will be the case indefinitely. This ensures not only the integrity of the packaging, but the quality of your product and most importantly the consumers safety.

I want to use your packaging for my product, can I?

You sure can! But first, we must ensure our liner is compatible with your product. Get in touch on to enquire about our feasibility studies and the costs involved.

Thanks for submitting!



We are always available to discuss any queries you may have, to get in touch with the team please choose the best option from below.


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